Model Cars

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Car Scale models

Model care are small versions of vehicles, usually based on real vehicles, though a few models are based on popular film vehicles or Sci-Fi ideas. Initially model cars were created as toys for children, but as with computer games and other entertainment the hobby was slowly passed onto an older audience. In truth, some adults today retain the model car hobby they had in their youth.

As a result of the growing adult audience model cars have become more accurate and more detailed over time. They have become collectibles and construction projects rather than solid toys designed for rough play. This intricate level of detail often uses decals to provide surface marking and insignia.

Many hobbyists buy model cars as kits, which include decals. But some serious hobbyists build their own models from basic materials, possibly with the use of 3D printers. Such bespoken models require their own decals, which can now be printed on a computer system.

A variation of the is kit bashing. This is where individuals use the parts of model car kits to create their own designs, something not intended by the kit manufacturer. These original creations may also require custom printed decals.

Model Decals

Printing model decals is fairly easy. Most home printers will do the job, you just need the right decal paper to print on. There are a few options here. Inkjet decal paper, blue backing decal paper if you want white decals, and thin decal paper if the decals have to be placed over tiny edges.

The challenging part of decals is creating the design. You need a computer graphics program if you are to create something original, which is fine for geometric designs, emblems, insignia, signs or text. Alternatively, you can scan a picture into the computer and print this, which is a good option for photo-realistic images, or even hand drawn images.

Use decals to enhance your creative designs.

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