Home Electronic Projects

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Home Electronic Projects

A few people build their own DIY electronic projects. A generation ago this was a way to save money, because if you had the know-how it w s easier to built it yourself. Today the cost saving is not really justified as many commercial products can be purchased quite cheaply. But a DIY project maybe the only way to produce something that is not readily available. So if you have a specific need a DIY project may be the only option. Or then again you might just enjoy the process of building your own device.

Waterslide decals and a decent paint job can be the final touch for a DIY project. They don’t improve the functioning of the device, but they do make it look professional. A neatly made device with inkjet decal paper labels can be one of those ‘ I can’t believe you actually built that yourself’ devices.

Some projects include:

Contollers for model trains.

Have a neat little box that controls the speed, and perhaps allows reverse, for you model train. Label it accordingly.

Music Instrument amplifiers

Guitar amps were a popular DIY project. And many builders liked to add their own tone controls and custom compressors.
While countless guitar amps can be bought commercially you might have trouble finding the right amplifier for unorthodox instruments like electric violins, mandolins, ukuleles, ukebasses or other items. A DIY project may be the best option.

Model decals can label the volume, tone and other controls on your DIY amp.

Guitar effects

There are countless little stomp boxes for modifying the sound of guitars and bass. Many people build their own, some of which latter become commercial products.
Label you personalized stomp box with some waterslide decals.

Agricultural Projects

A few people build devices that monitor the moisture content of soil for plants, or control the water sprinkler system. Perhaps the indoor plants have Timers on the lights that they need. Give these little devices some neat waterslide decals for labels.

Light Controllers

Have a device that allows you to adjust the light from bright daylight to candle light dinning. Give it a few neat little icon labels with inkjet decal paper.

Inkjet Decal Paper

Scale model decal paper give the final professional look to many home projects.

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