CD Lables

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 Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper

Music and video mediums, like CDs, videos and later DVDs, were very much a complete package up until the a generation ago. It was possible to record our own videos,  and later burn our own CDs. But we were stuck with the look of a generic package for our music or film.

Computers and the internet changed how we view products. we no longer buy the complete package, we often download the music or other purchase. And there is no packaging to accompany it.

In some cases it is fine to have music on a player with no physical medium. But in other cases we burn music to CD, or produce our own music, or store archived  material on disc. And we need a physical medium for this.

If we like to keep things orderly we can label CDs, and DVDs with neat decals, just as we might print up a neat looking cover on our computer. Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper works like ordinary printing paper, its just that we transfer the image to another medium when we are finished.

CD were once labelled with heavy stickers, but this was found to sometimes cause problems when re-playing the disc; the labels were too heavy and if they were slightly off-centre the disc wouldn’t spin properly.

Decals have negligible weight. So they are ideal for DVDs and CD labels. and with a decent printer they can produce photo realistic results.

Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper

Use decals to neatly label CD, DVDs, cassettes, covers, containers and any other surface. Print your own designs – the results look professional.

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