Christmas Gift Decals

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Christmas Gifts

Personalizing a gift can make it so much better. This works even for an otherwise mundane gift like a phone case or bag. An item can look good if it embossed with our name, a pithy quote, or our favorite comic character.

A simple and effective way to personalize any item is with decals. It is a relatively straightforward matter to design or copy any image with a home computer, and them print in on decal paper.

Computer cases

Almost every student and professional carries a laptop computer. Adding a decal to the top panel of the device, or to the case you store it in, is a simple way to personalize the item. It helps us identify our device, and may reduce theft.

It has become a trend to design the decal around the design of the computer. This is quite postmodern. Many apple computers have an illuminated apple logo on the top. A decal can be designed around this logo. Decals can show Snow White taking a bite out of the apple. Or the illumination of the logo can be the power source in Iron man’s chest.


Candles are an old Christmas tradition. Often they are decorated according to the season. There is decal paper especially designed for candles. It is easy to be creative with this, and produce personalized candles, candles with Christmas images, or any other image that we find attractive.

Temporary Tattoos

We often move a little out of our normal routine during Christmas, wearing party hats and using fancy decorations. We could add some temporary tattoos to this. They are especially good for children. Any thing from face painting to arm decoration is easy with temporary tattoos. Create your own design on a computer and print this up on the appropriate decal paper.

Christmas Decorations

We can easily create Christmas decorations with decals. Put decals on tree ornaments. Glass spheres, bells, wooden shapes, empty jars, can all look Christmasy with a colorful decal.

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