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Firing (Bel Type) Decal Paper

The Bel type decal paper is a non-conventional waterslide decal product for ‘Iron-Oxide’ firing decal printing customers. They use HP laser printers (black toner) and fire around between 500C and 1000C (for instance, 650C rate 150C / hour) using kilns and firing temperature varies depending on products and thickness. You may need to experiment to find the optimum temperature for your product.

Iron oxide laser printing using a HP mono colour laser printer is the most cost effective way of firing decals. It requires under $1000 to start, and maintenance is easy and cost effective too. That’s why there are many home businesses that print firing decals using iron oxide decal printing. It provides mono colour (brown-ish) but some of my customers paint different colours on top manually.

Printers that take 30% Fe Oxide Cartridges are: HP Laser Jet Pro M102W / HP Laserjet P1102w / HP laserjet Pro M102a / HP laserjet Pro M130a / HP laserjet Pro M130fn / HP laserjet Pro M130fw / HP laserjet Pro M130nw (i.e available at NES Printer Specialists in Castle Hill for $138.00. Ph 98947158. The toner cartridges are sold at

You need to experiment to find out the optimum firing temperature & rate for your glaze. If the temperature is too high, the colour will bleed. And if too low, the colour will not set. Most laser transfer decals fire permanently onto pre-glazed ware at cone 04 when using glazes that mature at cone 6 and higher. Most glazes that mature at cone 04 will accept laser decals fired to cone 06. Most commercial decals, chinapaints and lusters fire to maturity between cone 015 and 017.

It will make the fired decals better if you make the images darker and the toner saver off on your printer setup.

My decal products are decorative and not dishwasher safe. Firing decals have to be used for products to be safe for food serving. Printing firing decals requires very special printing systems and cannot be done with a laser printer / inkjet printer. The only exception is iron-oxide printing using HP laser printer and so called ‘Bel-Type’ decal paper
I don’t specialise in ‘how iron-oxide printing works’ but all I can tell you is I have quite a few customers produce firing decals using a HP laser printer, the Bel Type decal paper and a kiln (for firing at 800+C). You can google this to find more detailed information.

If you are referring to iron oxide firing using HP mono colour laser printer, you can order from

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