Furniture Fix ups

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There are a few ways to make cheap, old or discarded furniture more appealing. Some of these are time consuming, such as re-sanding and re-vanishing, though the time may be worth it if the results are good. But there are some other methods for making some plain furniture much more appealing.


Waterslide Decals

Decals are a very quick and reliable way to customize furniture. They even work well on plain wood. Decals can be made on any laser printer that takes inject decal paper. Images designed on a graphics programme, scanned or downloaded online can be used to decorate children’s furniture. Cupboards, chairs and play furniture can all look good with cartoon decals.

Metallic decals and another option for decorating children’s items. These really stand out, they won’t look like a natural part of the furniture, but this is appropriate for some décor styles.


Plain furniture from IKEA can look good with decal.

In addition to characters or logos a cupboard can be decorated with patterns, rather like cornicing, or simple geometric shapes. Waves or clouds are also good.

Else, furniture can be painted to add to the effects of the waterslide decals.

There is no rule that says that you can only use one colour, or that you even have to cover the whole furniture surface. Chests with draws of different colours look funky. Make furniture look like a packet of jellybeans

Consider making patterns outside of the line of the furniture. Use masking tape to make zig zag lines or curly waves and paint furniture with these lines. Incorporating decal within this can be very effective. Consider fish decals with wavy lines.


Where to buy Waterslide Decal Paper

Order decal paper online and customise your furniture, home and life.

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