Kitchen Labels

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The great advantage of printing your own decals is that you can have any design that you wish. If you can create it on a computer, even by scanning an image, then you can print it. You can probably resize or recolour it too.

The ‘design your own’ approach works for the functional as well as the artistic. You can create labels. This is great for the kitchen pantry; all your spices, cereals, and other ingredients can be sorted and labelled accordingly. Best of all, your own creations can be labelled. Great for the homemade sauces and salad dressing.

Kitchen labels can be far more than just text. We can always add some colour with pictures, or boarders. At the very least we can use calligraphy of fancy writing.

And if we like to be systematic about it we can make different labels according to groups. All the Spices can have identical bottles with labels of the same style. And then we can have rices and other grains with their own style of label. Every label decal can be different, but part of a matching set.

Alternately we can colour code the various decals. Are some foods vegetarian friendly? Are some spices not for children? We can colour code these separately.

We can go further than just putting decals on the jars and bottles. Do you have a spice rack? Then put a label on the rack where each spice belongs. Perhaps a silhouette of the jar.

And of course we can just use some appropriate decals to decorate the kitchen itself.

Waterslide Decal Paper

Be creative and use some inkjet decal paper to print labels for all your kitchen jars, bottles and ingredients.

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