Candle Decal Paper for Small Size Decals (Laser Printers / A4)

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Make your own personalised decals for your candles using your laser printer (except SAMSUNG printers) / copier

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(starts from 5 sheets(A4) per pack)

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Easy To Apply and Cost Effective!

Almost invisible & no curling edges!

You can make your own customised decals for Christening candles or any other candles for memorable events. All you need is a PC and a laser printer (except SAMSUNG printers). This decal paper is especially thin and adheres well to candles without curling at the edges, which makes the edges of the decal almost invisible as time goes by. Save costs and make the job easier with this product, as you can apply your designs individually, piece by piece, instead of wrapping the decal around the candle.
We recommend that you keep the decal size small as it gets harder to apply when the size gets bigger. If you want to wrap the candles, please use our standard ‘Waterslide Decal Paper for Laser Printers’.

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