Wall Decal Questions

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Waterslide Decals for walls

Where can we use wall decals?

Almost any roo of the house. They are popular on the children’s bedrooms, especially with cartoon or storybook characters. Other walls may benefit from Inspirational quotes, emblems or other images.

Bathroom do well with some type of decals, but they need to by water proof vinyl.

Can I use Decals outside?

Some decals will work outside, Look for the type of decal that are used for cars.

One popular idea is to put the decal on the inside surface of a window or glass door, so it can be easily seen form the outside. This type of decal should be something that is equally appealing in reverse.

Will the decal leave residue?

No. decals are fairly easy to remove. Some people apply a clear coating over the decals for extra protection. At the worse the wall can be repainted.

Are decals easy to customize?

If they are on a small scale then you can customize, create and print any decal that you could print on a home computer. Things do get difficult if you have a large wall decal; it may require combining several smaller decals to make one larger image.

Can you reuse a decal?

No, not really. But there is no need to reuse a decal. Just print a new one.

Where to buy waterslide Decal Paper

Buy decal paper off use, order online, and print your own designs. There are any varieties of decal paper for different situations – thin decals for small models, decals for candles, temporary body tattoos, Iron on shirt decals, timber decals, wall decals.

Be creative in a new medium. Try some decals.

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