We can Print almost Anything on almost Anything.

Wall Decals printed using 'Flexi Decal Paper for Solvent Printer'

Wall Decals printed using ‘Flexi Decal Paper for Solvent Printer’


Since 2001, Dr. Decal & Mr. Hyde has continued to be the leading distributor of digital printing decal and temporary tattoo products in Australia. We are able to provide our unique and innovative decal solutions to various industries, businesses, and home users.

We offer truly unique and premium decal paper products. The diverse range of decal paper products that we offer allows you to re-produce images on a variety of surfaces. Our products allow you to print on conventional items such as skateboards and guitars. However, with our products leave a significantly higher quality finish, leaving no cutting edge, barely a trace of image transfer, and preserving the integrity of the texture underneath. For example, the wood on the guitars that we decorate feels much more genuine. You feel wood, rather than a sticker.

In 2015, Dr. Decal & Mr. Hyde is also proud to have launched new decal media products that allow you to print on surfaces that were never before accessible. For instance, our media allows you to be able to print full resolution and colour images onto cars, metal, concrete walls, and leather.

We offer and develop innovative decal solutions to meet your needs. This is because we are confident that we can print almost anything on almost anything.