Our Products

We are about style.
Our temporary tattoos are of the world’s highest quality.
Stylish, ultra-thin, flexible and comfortable. The tattoos we sell are all made of FDA-certified ingredients.
We are the pioneers of temporary tattoos. Check out some of our variety below.

Dr. Decal Tattoos – Standard, but of the world’s best quality. Our tattoos are of such high quality that they are used by movie stars to imitate real tattoos.


Gold Tattoos – a newly developed, highly fashionable product, screen printed


Magic Tattoos – a ‘real looking’ temporary tattoo, stock available !


Screen printed Tattoos – the most economical way to produce temporary tattoos in mass quantities

Prices (Custom Tattoos, GST excluded)

We can make tattoos with your company logos.
Our set-up fee is $30 per order.
Unlike other providers, we charge a very low set-up fee, and a flat rate for every tattoo you order, regardless of quantity.

For example, our flat rate for a 5cm x 5cm tattoo is $0.50.

If you wanted to order one 5cm x 5cm tattoo, the price would be $30 for the set-up and 1 x $0.50 for the tattoo, coming to a total of $30.50.

And if you wanted to order two hundred 5cm x 5cm tattoos, the price would again be $30 for the set-up, and the flat rate of $0.50 per tattoo, coming to a total of $30 + 200 x $0.50 = $130.


We don’t have any restrictions on the size of your tattoo. The tattoo can be any size you want up to 20cm x 20cm!

The Ordering Process

It’s really easy!

  1. Email us at sales@drdecalmrhyde.com.au, asking for a quote. We’ll give you one based on the size and quantity of your tattoos.
  2. If you’re happy, email us again, to confirm your order. Attach your design to this email. (Please send us the highest resolution design you can, the resolution of the tattoos we make are only limited by the resolution of the design you send us!)
  3. We will send you back the design proof and tax invoice within one business day.

That’s it!

Delivery Times

We dispatch your orders within two business days after your approval on the design and the clearance of your payment.