At Dr. Decal & Mr. Hyde, we highly value your relationship with us.

In particular, we are always welcome to potential partners.

Since 2001, we have been the market leader in our digital printing decal and temporary tattoo products, and we are still growing fast. How have we achieved this?
The way that our decal and temporary tattoo products reach all parts of the country is through our established reseller network. If you choose to be a reseller, you have the opportunity to sell our products, with truly minimal start-up investments. We are always looking to grow this network, and if you are interested in selling our merchandise, we welcome any enquiries.

Also, if you are an artist or a designer interested in mass-producing and selling your artwork on our merchandise, we’d love to help you with this. The best part is that, for you, there is no capital investment required at any time. For example, we would be able to reproduce your artwork on photo panels or as temporary tattoos and distribute them using our networks. If you do partner with us, you will have access to our distribution networks which reach across Australia.

We are always open to new partnerships and buildings relationships, so please don’t hesitate to talk to us.

As always, we are dedicated to decorating your everyday life.