Music and art are, by very definition, creative. It makes sense that individual people want to get very individual with their musical instrument and other equipment. This varies, or course; everything in creativity varies. Some people want a blank canvas to start their creative aspirations. Others want a little asymmetry, and find creativity in their attempt to restore order to their psyche. Getting a little creative with their instrument and surroundings lends some people a creative edge.


Decals are premade images, and hence, a product of somebody else’s creativity. Yet, the final result is not determined by that. A combination of other people’s designs can form something completely new, and if it is something the original designers would not have thought of, then it’s being creative. A lot of post-modern ideas work with new combinations of pre-existing ideas.


Yet for those who really want to customize their musical instruments there is the option of custom printed decals. Literally, you can have any design you like. Computer design makes this easier than ever; scan and Photoshop till you have exactly what you want, and then put it on your guitar. The end result looks as if it was always meant to be that way.


Decals suitable for guitar, bass and other instrument include wood decal paper, metal decal paper, leather decal paper, interior decal paper, flexi decal paper…


Given the inexpensive nature of decals and temporary tattoo paper you can afford to customize an instrument for special occasions. Doing a fundraiser? Get into the spirit of things and customize your instrument suitably. You can customize it differently for the nest event.