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Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper

In the case of inkjet waterslide decal paper, you must apply a clear acrylic spray coat to protect the ink. You don’t have to use a spray with laser waterslide decal papers, but it is still recommend to apply a polyurethane spray coat after the decal is applied & dried to strengthen the decal. It will also make the decal edges less visible.

We recommend a photo quality printer with a bypass tray and you have to make sure it uses dye ink and can handle 200+gsm thickness. Multi function printer (i.e. fax + photo copy + printer) is not recommended.

In the case of inkjet waterslide decal paper, you must apply a clear acrylic spray coat to protect the ink when putting the decal in the water. Most inkjet printers use water-based ink.

Both inkjet waterslide decal paper and laser waterslide decal paper will work well. Laser decal paper is easy and convenient to use but requires a reliable laser printer which can handle 200+gsm which is normally more expensive than an inkjet printer, inkjet decal paper requires one more step (spray coat) but is more cost effective.

It seems you need to apply thicker spray coat, so apply one or two more coats at a slower pace.

All non-firing waterslide decals are decorative products and the only way to make ‘day to day’ ceramic & glass ware is firing decals.
The strongest inkjet decal product we have is the magic coating paper which is not dishwasher safe but gentle hand wash is ok. The inkjet waterproof decal is not strong enough and it is also white decal, not clear.

Yes the inkjet decal paper can be used on mirror. However, it won’t be seen vivid as images printed on white paper.

You can use

You can use It is very convenient to use but the printing quality is not good as the standard waterslide inkjet decal paper. Still good enough to use for nail art though.

You can try our inkjet waterslide decal paper,

However, just in case, I would suggest you to start with a small quantity, 5 sheet pack.

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