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Metallic Decal Paper

I would suggest you to try the smallest quantity rather than ordering a big packet to make sure your laminator works well with my product. As the metallic decal paper is so sensitive, you will need a heavy duty laminator with temperature & speed control. If the temperature is too high, excess metallic powder will be transferred, and if it is too low, incomplete transfer will happen. If you don’t have a proper one, we recommend¬†


We have Shiny gold / Shiny Silver metallic decal products.

You need a laser printer and a laminator which can control temperature (ideally speed control as well).

Low temperature results in missing spots and too high temperature causes excess metallic transfer. You can lower the temperature by adding a normal paper(s) on top of the metallic foil when laminating.

The metallic gold/sliver decal paper is a mono colour (gold/silver) decal product and cannot be used for metallic plus other colour decals. However, please beware that you need a laser printer and a heavy duty laminator with temperature control (and speed control as well ideally) to use the metallic decal paper products.