Restoration with Decals

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Restoration with Decals

There are many hobbies that restore old items. This is a fine art. But until recently one of the more challenging aspects of any restoration was putting in tiny details like labels and insignia. But this is much easier now with waterslide decals. It is easy to print decals to suit any restoration project.

Vintage Radio
Many old radios came with attractive wooded cabinets. This, and the mellow sound of older (often valve) technology makes these worth restoring.
If the wooden cabinet can be refinished and repolished, and the electronics restored to working order, then the radio can look and function like a new device.
The labels on the old radio can be restored with waterslide decals. These can be printed on waterslide decal paper and applied where necessary. Some lacquer will help protect the decals and the final product.

Model Trains
Still a fairly common hobby, model trains can be given all the fine details, like insignia, warning signs, names of trains …etc. with printed decals. Old model trains can look impressive with some good paintwork and some fine decals.

Musical Instruments
Old keyboard organs have a following, especially organ that have a unique sound like the Hammond tonewheel organ or many Wurlitzer organs. This is old technology, but the uniqueness make the individual instruments worth restoring.
There are many small label details on old organs; each organ stop is labels with the appropriate harmonic (or pipe length). These can be very convincingly recrated with waterslide decals.

Old Toys / Scale Models
Old toys have a nostalgic appeal; think of ‘Woody’ in Toy Story 2. Decals can add the fine details that paint cannot reproduce.

Waterslide Decal Paper
Almost everybody has access to a home computer with printing facilities. Any graphic design software or scanning programme can be used to produce immaculate designs that then can be turned into decals on most home printers.

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