Are Scale Models Still Popular?

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Scale Models There has been a considerable following for scale models for many generations. Certainly model planes became popular after the second world war, when the actually military included model aircraft in their training sessions. These models caught on with the general public, and hobby kits started selling well. But their were models of military


Why use Decals on Scale Models

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Scale Models Scale models are popular for hobbies, and useful for many industries like architecture and engineering. In many cases these models require fine detail, all the finer because the model is much smaller than the vehicle or building it represents. Some fine details on a scale model will be part of the structure. The


Applying Model Decals.

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Scale Models Decals add the type of fine detail to scale models that cannot be achieved with paint. This detail looks best when the details are applied with skill, so they look like a natural part of the model rather than something added as an afterthought. Some problems with decals include: The supposedly clear edges


Scale Models & Model Trains

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Scale Models ‌‌ Scale models of cars, trains, military vehicles and Science Fiction ships remain a popular hobby. We might have expected this type of pursuit to become less popular with the advent of computer games and other digital age technologies. But digital technology has actually added to the possibilities of scale models. Hobbyists now


Business Uses for Decals

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Waterslide Decal Paper A lot if us are on the lookout for new ways to promote our company business. Most modern promotion is done over the internet, but even the most media savvy company will still use traditional media and physical items when it proves effective. So pens, notebook, stickers, T-Shirts and other items with


CD Lables

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 Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper Music and video mediums, like CDs, videos and later DVDs, were very much a complete package up until the a generation ago. It was possible to record our own videos,  and later burn our own CDs. But we were stuck with the look of a generic package for our music or


Original Scale Models & Decals

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 Scale model decals Decals have been used for decades on model planes and cars to provide fine detail. This level of detail is too hard to reproduce on small scale models. It cannot be done with paint, but it can be done with fine printing. Of course models in the past were limited to what


Home Electronic Projects

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Home Electronic Projects A few people build their own DIY electronic projects. A generation ago this was a way to save money, because if you had the know-how it w s easier to built it yourself. Today the cost saving is not really justified as many commercial products can be purchased quite cheaply. But a


Model Cars

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Car Scale models Model care are small versions of vehicles, usually based on real vehicles, though a few models are based on popular film vehicles or Sci-Fi ideas. Initially model cars were created as toys for children, but as with computer games and other entertainment the hobby was slowly passed onto an older audience. In


Model Trains Explained

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Model Trains Explained Model Trains remain a popular hobby. It dates back over 100 years, with some models and layouts build for training actual rail staff, others built for pure enjoyment. A few old train models from decades ago are still in running order. Size, Scale and Gauge Scale models of trains come in several


Recreating and Creativity – Decals

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There is the model building that uses prefabricated kits. And there is the type of model making that builds everything from the most basic materials. At first glance it would seem that pre-fabricated kits limit us to what the kit designers had in mind, and that making things from scratch is a more flexible (if


Best Results for Decals

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Decals are the thin transfers that are applied to scale models and other items. Most of us are familiar with decals from building model planes or from train sets. But they have become increasingly common on laptop computers, briefcases and other personalized items. The popularity of decals has increased over the past generation, partly because


Christmas Gift Decals

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  Christmas Gifts Personalizing a gift can make it so much better. This works even for an otherwise mundane gift like a phone case or bag. An item can look good if it embossed with our name, a pithy quote, or our favorite comic character. A simple and effective way to personalize any item is


Model Trains

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Model Trains Model trains remain a popular hobby. We might have expected this to be an old fashioned type of pursuit, the type of thing forgotten in light of computer technology and other modern hobbies. But of course the modern technology is actually being used for train models. 3D Printing. A generation ago it was


Best results for Wall Decals

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Best results for Wall Decals Wall decals are a great way to incorporate your own design into the home décor. With deal paper You can literally print up any design and put it on the wall. This works for anything from light hearted images in a child’s bedroom to elegant designs for a modern living


Classic Scale Model Decals

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Classic Scale Models Decals It would be a mistake to think that CGI in films has done away with physical models effects, or that 3D printing has completely replaced Scale model hobbying. Many films use a combination of CGI and model work, while Plastic scale models have a steady following, with built models often appearing


Model decals

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Model decals are a favourite topic of many business people and employees in the printing industry. Model Decals Decals, or water-slide transfers, are a good way to get perfect insignia, logos, lettering, or unit markings onto models. Many believe they’re simple to use provided that you follow standard procedures and prepare the surface adequately. Prior


Making Model Decals 101

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  Making Model Decals 101  We can use home 3D printers and other modern devices to produce all sort of hobby model. These models sometimes need the fine details that only decals can provide. They are near  perfect with  military, transport, or sci-fi insignia. Printing your own decals. Just a few short years ago it


Restoration with Decals

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Restoration with Decals There are many hobbies that restore old items. This is a fine art. But until recently one of the more challenging aspects of any restoration was putting in tiny details like labels and insignia. But this is much easier now with waterslide decals. It is easy to print decals to suit any


Decals As Gifts

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Waterslide Decals are ideal gifts, though you need to make sure that the decal is appropriate for the particular individual that you are buying for. College students and people of that age group often like pop cultural icons and pithy slogans. Try decals for: Laptop decal Bedroom wall decals Car decal Collage logo decals Sporting