Model decals

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Model decals are a favourite topic of many business people and employees in the printing industry.

Model Decals

Decals, or water-slide transfers, are a good way to get perfect insignia, logos, lettering, or unit markings onto models. Many believe they’re simple to use provided that you follow standard procedures and prepare the surface adequately.

Prior to applying the decal, the surface of the model should be prepared thoroughly. We suggest you brush the area where you will put the decal on with some gloss varnish, or Future Floor Polish, and allow it to dry for some minutes. The gloss coat gives us a smooth surface to work on. It will also prevent air bubbles from getting trapped under the decal. A glossy surface is a very important step, and so far, the easiest step towards good looking decals!

Start by cutting out the decal. We suggest that you always use a hobby knife and a fresh blade to cut around decals. Also, we recommend you cut as close to the printed area of the decal as you can.

With regular tap water, fill up any clean and shallow vessel. I use a small painting palette to do the job. Just to remind you, model decals are a popular topic to many business people and employees in the printing industry.

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