Recreating and Creativity – Decals

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There is the model building that uses prefabricated kits. And there is the type of model making that builds everything from the most basic materials. At first glance it would seem that pre-fabricated kits limit us to what the kit designers had in mind, and that making things from scratch is a more flexible (if somewhat slower) process. But this is misleading. Many people use kits in unique ways to build their own projects (kit bashing). And this is used to increase the flexibility or their original projects, where are always limited by the materials that are available. There’s no reason not to combine the two methods.

If we want to be creative we can look at how to modify the kits that we buy, or how to add to them. Many people have been adding to kits for years by building hangers for their model aeroplanes, or battle scenes for their model tanks. Model train enthusiasts make this sort of thing a priority.

Adding to models, or creating new models from scratch, is easier then ever with 3D printing and decals. anybody with a home computer can print decals with ease. And while 3D printing requires some specialized equipment the process is not out of reach for the average home hobbyist.

Look at the situation that your model kit should belong in. And create accordingly. Dioramas can make any model look better, and ca often be used with several models. Else, add road crew facilities for race cars, airports for planes, battle scenes for tanks and whole landscapes for model trains. These are create-able with a combination of woodwork and 3D Printing.

Imagine how you can combine paintwork with decals to create any model or setting you wish.

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