What Are Some Decal Gift Ideas?

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Decal Paper

Personalised gifts show more thought than something generic. The idea with a gift is to buy something that the other person would like. We have a good chance of achieving this with something we specifically design for the specific individual. Decal paper give us a good chance of this. We can design a decal to suit a friend or relative’s personality and taste.

Collage Room Decals

A decal of anything from the favourite sports team to the inspiring or comical quote is great for the wall of a bedroom. Young adults to people in their early twenties often like this sort of thing. Ideas include anything related to their profession, areas of study, pop culture, or a silhouette of animals or vehicles.

Laptop Stickers

We spend so much time on laptops that we have trouble getting by without them. A few of us like to personalise our devices, internally and externally. A decal on the top offers unlimited scope for depersonalization. Many clever designs incorporate the logo and structure of the machine, such as making the Apple logo on the top part of the decal design.

Car Decals

Once it was just bumper stickers. But decals can be made to suit any car and their owner. Have any pithy saying, pop culture logo, or sports design on the back windshield.

Study Aids

We know to label books. But we can use decals to label notes and timetables. Print up some ‘due today’, ‘study group’, ‘day off’, ‘morning exam’ decals to be used by a student.


Unless it has a slogan that is offensive or in opposition to personal taste a T-shirt will at least occasionally be worn. Use a decal to create a shirt that says something unique. We can create almost any image or slogan with a decal.

ALPS Decal or White Toner Decal

White decals were once difficult to produce. Most printing was done on white paper, so printers didn’t include white ink, they just left white areas blank. But decals were transparent, so blank areas were not white, they were the colour of the surface underneath. So what was the solution if we wanted white decals?

One possibility was a white toner decal cartridge. This replaced the black cartridge in the printer, and allowed white to be produced. The limitation is that it produced black or white, but not both on the one print job. Another possibility was an ALPS printer system, which included white ink (as well as black and other colours) as part of its standard equipment.

Inkjet Decal Paper

Use inkjet decal paper to personalise any item, including gifts for others. Or use decals to add details to models and other hobbies.

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