Making Model Decals 101

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Making Model Decals 101 
We can use home 3D printers and other modern devices to produce all sort of hobby model. These models sometimes need the fine details that only decals can provide. They are near  perfect with  military, transport, or sci-fi insignia.

Printing your own decals.

Just a few short years ago it was  impossible to produce  model decals unless you wanted to pay a fortune and have them silk screened. But now anyone with a decent laser printer on their computer can print decals, either their own design from a graphics program or something scanned from another source.

You only need a few basic computer components to make your own decals. The computer itself needs to be powerful enough to run a photo-editing or drawing software at a reasonable speed. But that is pretty easy even with a basic computer these days. The software programmes tend to fall into two categories – vector based and raster based. Vector based programmes produce graphics based on equations, you define a circle and colour and the programme creates it. Raster based work with pixels, editing photos or working like Microsoft paint. Either of the software systems can be used to make images for printing as decals.

Creating the Decal Designs

Scanners can be useful for creating decals. But with model work these are used to make reference images rather than the final image. We use a software programme to create a final images based on the scan. Hence, high resolution scans are not usually necessary.

All sorts of scale models, from model trains to original Sci-Fi creations, benefit from model decals. Make sure to use thin decal paper when the model surface has intricate 3D detail as the fine decal will bend and adapt to the surface detail more easily then thicker waterslide decals. And consider blue backing decal paper which helps if the decals images are white; white decals are much easier to see on blue backing than white or clear backing paper.

Where to buy waterslide decal paper
For  making model decals you can buy waterslide decal paper online and print your own designs.




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