Decals As Gifts

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Waterslide Decals are ideal gifts, though you need to make sure that the decal is appropriate for the particular individual that you are buying for.

College students and people of that age group often like pop cultural icons and pithy slogans.

Try decals for:

  • Laptop decal
  • Bedroom wall decals
  • Car decal
  • Collage logo decals
  • Sporting logos / team colours
  • Humorous decals

The images for decals are they type of thing that work best at a glance. They don’t need an explanation, they make their statement concisely.

Children Decals.

  • Cartoon and comic characters
  • Balloons, flowers, birds, stars
  • Animals, African wildlife, farm scenes, domestic pets
  • Vehicles, planes, cars, trucks.
  • Sports equipment
  • Undersea scenes – sharks, fish, mermaids, octopus.
  • Robots and Sci-Fi

Decals are semi-permanent. You can leave them on the walls for years, or easily change them if you redecorate, perhaps replacing them as the children outgrow the previous images.

A generation ago decorations like decals were limited by what was commercially available. There was come creativity in combining various different designs, but the actual decal designs were pre-set. Now, with home computers, it is an easy matter to design and make your own decals. Now, anything that can be scanned or created on a computer graphics programme can be printed as a decal. Waterslide decal paper is inexpensive and can be used in most printers.


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