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Blue Backing Decal Paper

Most of my customers use Roland VS300i eco-solvent printer with my blue backing roll paper (eco-solvent). The solvent printing is:

  • Pros – Better printing quality and cost effective when you print often and large volume
  • Cons – Large initial investment (possibly $15K+) and printer head gets blocked if not used often

You can use white waterslide decal paper and then will have to cut very precisely to prevent it from looking bad. Otherwise you will need a special printer with white toner/ink to print a white background colour before printing other colours.

For instance:

Roland model: VS300i
The standard-profil [Max3] Generic Clear Film [MT]
High Quality, W->CMYKLcLmMt
(without metallic there is another profile without [MT])
Errordiffusion (V)
Nearest Neighbor
Uni-Directional (or Bi-Directional)
Heater and Dryer on 45°C (maximum)
Slow printing is needed for the White ink to dry, so better use Uni-Directional.
This profile was taken from the Roland US Website.

Recommended printer settings: ‘Transparency’ & +3 Density for White

You need a special printer such as white toner printer (i.e. OKI Pro7411WT or iColor540) to print designs which involve white colour. Otherwise you have to use white decal paper, which requires very precise cutting to look professional.

We are not capable of printing those type of decals but I would recommend one of my customers who can print that type. We are a supplier of blank decal paper. Please contact They will be able to help you.

Yes we can if it is a white mono colour design. You need to make your design in black and then we convert black to white. All the detail information available from

The blue backing waterslide decal paper has a clear decal film layer and blue colour backing paper which enables white designs to be visible. If you print white designs on white colour backing paper, it becomes very hard to see the printed white designs.

One of popular printers are Roland VS300i / Mimaki CJV300.

I’d recommend our blue backing waterslide decal paper which is very popular with fishing rod maker customers

We have quite a few customers using our eco-solvent blue backing decal paper and most of them have Roland and Mimaki printers. It works well with your model and the most popular Roland model with my customers is VS300i.

Here are some tips from one of my regular customers:

‘I used to use ECOSOL MAX2 ink with my Roland printer, but moved to other compatible brand. The two brands I use are STS and Bordeaux, good quality and same color results as the genuine Roland ink’

I would recommend you our super thin blue backing waterslide decal paper

Hoever, the standard blue backing waterslide decal paper is also popular for fishing rods

You need a RIP software (i.e. CADLink Digital Factory RIP) to print white first. Normally the standard OKI printer prints white last because it is designed to print heat transfer for t-shirts. For waterslide decals, you have to print white first then other colours on top which requires a RIP software to override the OKI printer driver

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