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Model Decals

For instance:

Roland model: VS300i
The standard-profil [Max3] Generic Clear Film [MT]
High Quality, W->CMYKLcLmMt
(without metallic there is another profile without [MT])
Errordiffusion (V)
Nearest Neighbor
Uni-Directional (or Bi-Directional)
Heater and Dryer on 45°C (maximum)
Slow printing is needed for the White ink to dry, so better use Uni-Directional.
This profile was taken from the Roland US Website.

Recommended printer settings: ‘Transparency’ & +3 Density for White

You need a special printer such as white toner printer (i.e. OKI Pro7411WT or iColor540) to print designs which involve white colour. Otherwise you have to use white decal paper, which requires very precise cutting to look professional.

The acrylic waterslide decal paper cling closely to any ridges or intricate surfaces and the adhesion becomes stronger as it dries. This product is specially designed for plastic models and provides thinner and more flexible decals by adopting acrylic film whereas most normal waterslide decal products use urethane film.

This product is not recommended for large scale decals (i.e. bigger than 50 x 50 mm) as it is fragile. And please don’t use it with Samsung laser printers to avoid jamming problems.

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