Model Trains

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Model Trains

Model trains remain a popular hobby. We might have expected this to be an old fashioned type of pursuit, the type of thing forgotten in light of computer technology and other modern hobbies. But of course the modern technology is actually being used for train models.
3D Printing.

A generation ago it was difficult to make the many accessories for model trains. We could purchase scale models of cars, people, and station platforms. Occasionally a hobbyist might make their own accessories, though this requires considerable fine work skills. This situation is different today because of computer technology.

3D computer printing allows us to make virtually anything that we can imagine and draw in a software programme. If we can create the 3D design then the printer can produce a 3D version.
Of course one of the great advantages of 3D Printing is that we are not limited to what other people have already created for us. So we can add all sorts of details to train setups, like bridges, platforms, buildings, animals, unusual cargo, foliage, and any sort of vehicle. Or we can add to the trains models that we already have, turning a basic train into a specific train from an historical setting.

Model Decals

Model decals aren’t as high tech as 3D printing, but they are very useful in their own way. And are much simpler to create and use.
Decals are great for any scale models, including model trains. They add all the fine detail, like insignia and signs, that cannot be produce with paint.
It is a simple matter to use inkjet decal paper with and decent inkjet printer. Anything that we scan into the computer or create on a graphics program can be printed on water slide decal paper and used as a model decal.

Modern model trains.

Computer technology, even fairly basic technology in the average home, can be used for printing decals that are so useful for model train work. We can create, or recreate, anything that suit our historical model train setups.

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